Water Heaters For Hydro-Air Heating Systems And Household Plumbing

When you are looking for efficient heating system options for your home, hydro-air systems are a great choice. Today, hydro-air heating systems can also have different designs. The design can have several heat exchangers and other features that make it efficient. There are also options for the boiler or water heater that is used with your system. The following information will help you choose all these features for the needs of your home.

3 Things That Could Cause Your Air Conditioner To Blow Out Warm Air

If your house isn't cooling down like it should when you turn the air conditioner on, you may want to feel the air coming out of the register vents. If the air isn't chilly like it should be, there is probably something wrong with your air conditioner. Here are three possible causes of an AC that blows warm air and what an air conditioner repair technician can do to help.

Signs You're Having Electrical Issues With Your HVAC System

Your air conditioning system is a complicated system in your home that uses electricity. Since this system is used the majority of the day and night throughout the summertime, there is always a risk that an electrical problem could ensue at any time. Most homeowners do not have the electrical knowledge to perform an electrical repair should an issue arise. However, any homeowner can be attentive and catch warning signs of issues.

Restricted Airflow In Your Air Conditioner Could Cause Your AC To Get Icy

Ice on your air conditioner is a surprising sight, but it might also be alarming. You might assume there is a problem with the refrigerant and you're facing expensive repairs. While a refrigerant leak can cause your AC to ice over, other things could be to blame too. Dirty coils or low airflow might be the reason for the ice. Here are problems that lead to low airflow and ice on your AC equipment.

A Bad Furnace Ignitor Keeps Your Furnace From Working, But It's An Easy Heating Repair

A furnace ignitor is a small part that lights your gas furnace so it can turn on and make heat. Newer gas furnaces don't rely on continuous pilot lights like old furnaces did. Instead, new furnaces send a signal to the ignitor that lights the flame when heat is needed.  The ignitor in your furnace may eventually go bad because they don't last as long as more durable parts of your furnace or the furnace itself.