Methods To Control Moisture In Your Home

Humidity and moisture in your home can be a real issue, resulting in mold, mildew, or rot problems. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to manage the moisture and prevent extensive damage from occurring. The key is to determine the cause of the moisture problem so you can stop it at its source. The following guide can help. Kitchen/Bathroom Condensation A common cause of moisture in homes is in the bathroom or kitchen.

Preventing Premature Damage To Your Furnace's Heat Exchanger

The services of a functional furnace are essential when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home. Modern furnaces are made up of many different parts, but few play as a critical a role as the heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is a looped set of coils that house the air used during the combustion process. The air inside the heat exchanger can be contaminated with gases like carbon monoxide, so the air that is pushed into your home runs across the surface of the heat exchanger in order to be heated to the proper temperature in order to prevent contamination.

Consider Adding An Outdoor Wood Stove To Your Home To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

During the cold winter month, it is important to keep your home at a comfortable temperature at all times. Running your heat nonstop during the cold winter months can be quite expensive. A great option to consider for your home if you want to cut down on your monthly heating costs is to have an outdoor wood stove installed. The guide below walks you through a few perks of having an outdoor wood stove.

How To Make Your Furnace More Efficient

Are you looking for a great do-it-yourself project that can end up saving you money? If so, you should follow these steps to make your furnace more efficient. These simple furnace maintenance jobs can increase the efficiency and air flow of both your air conditioner and heater. Basically, you could help reduce your electricity bill during the summer and winter just by performing these simple task. Best of all, you don't need any particular skills or complicated tools to do them.

Why Your Radiators Aren't Heating Up Properly And What You Can Do To Fix The Issue

When they work properly, radiators quickly heat up and provide comfort throughout an entire home in just minutes. While you may be able to adjust your heat settings easily by adjusting the thermostat, few people venture down to the boiler room or make much of an attempt to troubleshoot faulty radiators on their home. There is a good reason your radiators aren't providing adequate heat, and here's how you can find out what to do about it.