3 Ways To Get The Best Price For Heating Oil This Winter

During the winter season, your heating bill can become quite expensive, especially if you are home most of the time and need to keep the heater set at a comfortable temperature all day long. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can save on the price of heating oil to ensure that your expenses aren't as much as they otherwise would be. Here's how:

Select a Good Payment Plan: 

There are three payment plan options that you have for heating oil, which are a fixed plan, market price plan, and a pre-buy plan. A fixed plan means that you are spending the same amount on oil for an entire year despite market price changes. A market price plan means that you are spending only the market price each time you need more heating oil. This can sometimes save you money, especially if the market price continues to stay low. A pre-buy plan means you spend a set amount for the estimated amount of oil that you believe you will need that winter. To determine which payment plan is right for you, it's best to check how the market prices have been for the past year. If they have been high, then consider pre-buying the oil or choosing a fixed plan during a time when heating oil costs are unusually low. 

Join Oil Buying Group: 

There are probably many oil buying groups in your area. These groups work by being able to have high negotiating power with oil companies due to their large number of members. This allows the group to receive great discounts on oil and the oil companies benefit by having a continuous, large order from the group every year. Keep in mind that you can join these groups for free and receive a pretty high discount each season.

Join a Heating Assistance Program:

There are many heating assistance programs available through the government for homeowners that meet certain criteria. For example, homeowners with a low income are typically eligible for these programs. You can determine whether or not you are available by going on your local government's web page, searching for the benefit programs available and apply. It may take some time before you receive a denial or acceptance into the program, so be sure that you apply well before the winter season arrives. 

By knowing these three ways that you can save on heating oil, you can be sure that during the winter season, you won't have to worry about high costs taking away from your holidays and more.