How To Make Your Furnace More Efficient

Are you looking for a great do-it-yourself project that can end up saving you money? If so, you should follow these steps to make your furnace more efficient. These simple furnace maintenance jobs can increase the efficiency and air flow of both your air conditioner and heater. Basically, you could help reduce your electricity bill during the summer and winter just by performing these simple task. Best of all, you don't need any particular skills or complicated tools to do them.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

The first and most basic job is to replace your furnace filter. Most filters are located on the outside of the actual furnace cabinet. They are easy to identify because they are located between the main output duct and the cabinet wall. The filters are about the size of a small pizza box, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it. That being said, many people improperly install the filter. For instance, they will remove the old filter and put the old one in place without cleaning out the empty compartment. There can be dirt that blocks the compartment tracks that the filter slides into. This makes it difficult to slide the new filter in place. If the filter is not properly installed, air can flow right around it, making your replacement pretty much useless. So use a hose vacuum to clean the tracks before you put the new filter in place.

Clean Around the Outside of the Furnace Cabinet

Another simple job is to clean and vacuum the outside of your furnace cabinet and the surrounding area. Since furnaces are usually located in a garage or basement, they can be surrounded with junk and clutter. This usually means there is a lot of dust around the furnace cabinet. Most importantly, look for the sections where your furnace is vented. Make sure there is nothing stacked on this section of your furnace, as it could block airflow in and out. Then, get a hose vacuum with a brush attachment. Clear all the vented sidewalls of the cabinet and make sure that each individual vent is clear of any blockages.

If you do these two simple jobs, you might not immediately noticed a huge increase in the air flow of your home. However, if your furnace has not been serviced in many years, they could both increase airflow and reduce the stress on your furnace motor, ultimately reducing your electricity intake. The great thing about these two simple tasks is that you can probably go do them right now.

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