How To Clean Inside A Condenser Unit

Many homeowners are too intimidated to do any work on their HVAC system. Of course, most of the complicated electrical and gas components need to be serviced by professionals. However, there are quite a few simple things that homeowners can do, even if they don't have any tools, skills, or experience. This article looks at one of the most effective DIY HVAC maintenance projects. It will show you how to best clean the inside of your condenser unit.

Where and What is the Condenser

The condenser unit is located on the outside of your house. This large appliance, which you might just call the "air conditioner," is technically just one part of the AC system. The condenser has a large open cylinder with a fan inside. The outside walls of the cylinder consist of the condenser coils, which are a vital part of the heat transfer process. Cleaning the outside of the condenser is simple. You will want to periodically spray down the coils on the outside with the hose to wash away any dirt or debris that may have got blown into them. Cleaning the inside of the condenser unit is a little more complicated.

Accessing the Inside of the Condenser

First, you need to remove the protective cage or bird guard on the top of the condenser. This can't be done with a power drill, by just removing a few screws. Once you have the cage out of the way, you will see large fan blades and more condenser coils lining the inside walls of the cylinder. These coils are less likely to be dirty, but if they are, you can definitely spray them out with some water.

The fan might be rusty because it gets wet all the time. This shouldn't be a major concern unless there is actual corrosion on the fan blades. The most important thing to clean inside the condenser unit, besides the fan blades and the coils, is the output connection. This vital junction, where the air is sucked out of the cylinder, can get clogged by any of the debris inside. You should start off by vacuuming any debris off the floor of the unit, but pay special attention to this junction.This maintenance is simple and important. It might not immediately have a huge impact on the efficiency of your air conditioner, but it could actually improve the functionality in minor ways that ultimately help to preserve your HVAC system.

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