Three Ways To Keep Up HVAC Efficiency

Residential HVAC maintenance is the best way to keep down your monthly utility bills. During the middle of summer or winter, your usage of heating and air conditioning can account for a large majority of your electricity consumption. Obviously, an HVAC system that isn't properly maintained over the years is going to lose efficiency. So, it is very common that homeowners start to see higher utility bills, even if everything in the HVAC seems to be working like normal. Basically, your HVAC will just use electricity in order to heat and cool your home to the appropriate levels. This is why it is smart to have your system professionally serviced once a year.

Using Pump Covers

Professional service is only part of proper HVAC maintenance. In order for your system to remain efficient, there are a few things that homeowners need to do. First of all, maintaining the heat pump by covering it up during the winter is a simple thing that could end up saving you a lot of money. First of all, heat pump covers are particularly effective for homes located in cold, snowy winter climates. Snow and rain build up can deteriorate certain components and cause them to rust. At the same time, keeping your pump covered will lengthen it's lifespan. The less time that your pump is exposed, the less electricity it will use and the longer it will last.

Clean and Adjust the Air Registers

Another thing you should do is to remember to adjust your registers clean and adjust your registers between each season. After winter, when you are using done using your heater on a daily basis, you want to clean your registers to prepare them for summer, when you will be using your air conditioner.You can simply duster registers with a feather duster. But, you should also adjust them so that the rooms that need the most airflow during each season get them. Obviously, the same rooms that get the hottest during the summer are not going to be the same rooms they get the coldest during the winter. This is why you need to customize your register so that they are appropriately adjusted for each season.


The last thing you need to do to maintain your HVAC system is to clean or replace your filter's. Often, you can pull your air filters out and quickly use the brush attachment on the hose vacuum to clean them off. But, that doesn't mean that air filters will last longer, it just means that they will work better. So, if you have an air filter with a six month lifespan, you should still plan on changing it every six months.

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