3 Ways To Protect Your Commercial Air Conditioner

When you manage a business, there are all kinds of things to keep track of. From purchasing inventory to managing employees, it can be difficult to remember to focus on building maintenance. Unfortunately, equipment failures to important systems like your HVAC units could sideline your profits. Here are three ways to protect your commercial air conditioning system. 

1. Control Access to Thermostats

Air conditioning systems are crucial for creating an inviting, functional workspace. However, the hot summer months can demand a lot from your HVAC units, and employees who fidget with controls could cause even more problems. When HVAC settings are adjusted throughout the day, it can cause your unit to cycle on and off more often, which can put pressure on moving parts. 

To prevent a larger utility bill and early equipment failures, do what you can to control access to your thermostats. Go through your space and put locking covers over any thermostat, and only give access to executive staff members. 

2. Keep Additional Filters On Hand

Maintaining great indoor air quality is important for your employees, but it is just as important for your HVAC system. Without clean filters in place, your system could struggle to pull air through your air conditioner, interrupting cooling and putting additional strain on compressor units. 

If you struggle to remember to change air filters, keep some extra varieties on hand and set an alarm on your phone. You could also ask janitorial services if they offer the service and include it on monthly or bi-monthly cleaning and maintenance lists. 

3. Consider a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Professional system maintenance isn't something that is easy to tackle, so consider talking with an HVAC company about coming out at regular intervals to take care of maintenance. In addition to cleaning the system before the start of different seasons, experts can also recharge refrigerant levels and take care of replacement parts when they become worn.

When you ask about professional maintenance plans, make sure you understand what the experts will take care of and what you need to do on your own. Ask about things like system cleanings and filter varieties available.

Whether you think you could be dealing with HVAC problems or you are wondering about an ongoing maintenance program, it pays to contact a professional to learn more about your options. By seeking proactive repairs and working hard to ensure that things are being well-maintained, you could save money in the long run. 

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