Off-Season Air Conditioning Maintenance? Winter AC Service Tips For Busy Homeowners

For most families, the summer months can go by in an accelerated blur. Graduation ceremonies, June weddings, and family vacations are quickly followed by the rush of shopping for school supplies and getting the kids ready to go back to class. All this activity can mean that important home maintenance projects get postponed or even overlooked.

When the neglected home maintenance project involves the air conditioning system, homeowners may find themselves starting off the next year's cooling season with equipment that is operating inefficiently or not working at all. If last summer was a busy one for your family, and your home's air conditioning system maintenance plan got lost in the shuffle, here are some encouraging reasons to schedule a winter service call. 

Wintertime repairs do not impact summer cooling

If a summertime air conditioning service call results in the need to order a replacement component, it can mean the cooling system is offline for a few days. In areas of the country where summer temperatures are extreme and humidity levels are high, the inability to use the cooling system can make the home very uncomfortable.

If anyone in the home has a health condition that depends on a cool, low-humidity environment, such as some types of respiratory conditions, the lack of a working central air conditioning system can be dangerous to their health. By catching up on your air conditioning system maintenance during the winter months, any need to order and install cooling system components will not impact the family's comfort. 

Wintertime maintenance can reduce next season's cooling costs

Most families spend more time indoors due to winter's shorter days and cold temperatures, making it a good time to focus attention on the household budget. Homeowners who are examining their finances may find that their cooling costs have been increasing each year.

If the cause of the problem might be an inefficient air conditioning system, a winter service call can be a good way to make necessary changes to restore efficiency. If the service technician finds the AC system's age is the cause for its inefficiency, winter can be the best possible time to consider replacing it. 

In winter, air conditioning service companies can often help direct homeowners to special year-end sales, rebates, or special financing offers on new, high-efficiency air conditioning systems. Winter also offers the perfect time to install a new air conditioning system without having to worry about impacting the comfort levels inside the home. 

To learn more about having your air conditioning system serviced during the winter, contact an air conditioning service company in your area.