Is It Time To Replace That Aging Air Conditioning System? Tips For Making A Dollar-Based Decision

The costs involved in the installation of a new air conditioning system can be significant. But like all appliances, the components that make up your home's air conditioning system are sure to experience mechanical wear as they age that can make them require too-frequent repairs, as well as the damage they might suffer from misuse or poor maintenance. 

The expected costs involved in the installation of a new air conditioning system can cause many homeowners to attempt to extend the lifespan of their current system, but that is not always the wisest move. If you are worried about an aging or unreliable air conditioning system but unsure if the time is right to replace it, this information can help show you how to use financial information to make a good decision. 

The cost of operation

One of the first financial clues to help you decide on the best time to install a new air conditioning system involves the cost of operation. To determine this cost, homeowners can refer to both their utility bills and repair bills for the most recent year, as well as those for the previous year.

If the total annual amount of the current year is markedly higher than the previous one without a corresponding rise in utility rates or drastic change in usage, homeowners might expect the increase to be related to the lessened efficiency and reliability of their current A/C system. When this is the case, the cost of replacing it may be able to be partially or completely recouped by the installation of a new, high-efficiency model. 

The available deals or discounts

Another financial reason to move forward with the installation of a new air conditioning system is when an applicable discount, tax credit, rebate, or sale price is available. Information about rebates and tax credits can be found through some websites or by contacting your local utility provider. Sale prices and special terms can be found through a nearby HVAC installation contractor. 

Depending on household income and other criteria, homeowners may also be able to reduce the cost involved in installing a new air conditioning system through federal government programs like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Grants and low- or no-interest funding for this type of home improvement may also be available through a state or local agency or organization. 

Deciding on the right time to replace an aging air conditioning system can involve many factors. You can find out more by discussing their situation with a reputable HVAC contractor who offers ac installation services in your area. 

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