Why Your AC Is Leaking Water

An air conditioner (AC) pulls and condenses moisture from the air. The moisture collects in the condensate pan and flows out via the condensate drain line so that it doesn't damage the AC. However, some malfunctions can leave your AC leaking water. Below are a few examples of such malfunctions.

Line or Pan Clogging

The condensate pan collects condensed moisture while the condensate line drains the moisture out of the AC. Clogging in any of these parts of the AC can lead to water leakage. The pan will overflow and leak if it is full of debris. Blockage of the condensate line will cause the drainage to flow elsewhere.

Line or Pan Damage

Since both the drain line and pan handle moisture, damage to either can lead to leakage. Accidental damage (for example, due to a construction mishap or a freak storm) can cause such damages. Age-related wear and tear can also lead to line or pan damage — say, due to corrosion.

Coil Freezing

The evaporator coil holds cold refrigerant. The cold refrigerant absorbs heat and cools the house. The cooling might not happen if the AC has lost its cooling ability. A dirty air filter, damaged fan, and low refrigerant level are some of the things that might trigger inefficient cooling. Inefficient cooling might lead to coil freezing, and the frozen ice will trigger leakage as it melts.

Line Disconnections

Even if debris has not clogged the condensate drain line, the line might leak water if something has disconnected it. Disconnections are not common, but they can occur. For example, excessive vibrations of the AC might disconnect the drain line. A poor connection, say after a repair work by a nonprofessional, can also trigger a similar problem. In both cases, the moisture will prematurely flow out of the line.

Pump Malfunctions

AC condensation ordinarily flows out of the system via the action of gravity — if that is possible. However, gravity won't help if the unit sits in the basement or any other low point. In such a case, the AC will use a condensate pump to empty the condensation. A malfunctioning condensate pump, for example, due to electrical failure, will leave your AC unit flooded with condensation and leaking.

The first thing to do if your AC is leaking water is to diagnose the source of the leakage. The diagnosis will help you plug the leak before it causes water damage to both the AC and your house.

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