Signs You're Having Electrical Issues With Your HVAC System

Your air conditioning system is a complicated system in your home that uses electricity. Since this system is used the majority of the day and night throughout the summertime, there is always a risk that an electrical problem could ensue at any time. Most homeowners do not have the electrical knowledge to perform an electrical repair should an issue arise. However, any homeowner can be attentive and catch warning signs of issues. Keep reading to learn about some of the signs that you are having electrical issues with your air conditioning system.

Circuit Breaker Problems

If you have a breaker that is tripping frequently, then this is a sign that you have an electrical problem with your AC system. Due to the fact that air conditioning systems utilize a significant amount of energy while in operation, it is important that it has its very own breaker. However, if the breaker becomes loose or doesn't match the voltage of your home, you can bet there will be electrical issues. A loose breaker can be tightened with ease, but if the breaker is not the proper size, it will need to be replaced with one that is.

Air Conditioner Won't Turn On/Off

Another red flag that you have an electrical problem with your air conditioning system is when the system fails to properly turn on and off. The culprit may be an issue with the relays, which are an integral part of the transmission of electricity into the motor of your air conditioning system. When these relays are forced open, the power is unable to reach the motors, hindering the unit from switching on. If the relays are stuck, the system is unable to shut down.

Development of Frost

The power regulator for AC units is referred to as the contractor. When there are issues with this part, the interior of the system may develop frost. At the same time, when relays become stuck open, the system will operate at full capacity. In the event that this happens for a long period of time, the interior temperature may drop considerably low. As a result, the condensation will end up freezing, causing frost to develop.

The electrical parts of your AC unit are prone to wear and tear, corrosion, disconnection, and other types of damage. When your system sustains electrical damage of any kind, it will be unable to receive the necessary power supply to operate efficiently and effectively, resulting in a malfunctioning unit. This is the last thing you need during the summer. For more information about air conditioning electrical problems, contact a company like Edelman Inc.