Water Heaters For Hydro-Air Heating Systems And Household Plumbing

When you are looking for efficient heating system options for your home, hydro-air systems are a great choice. Today, hydro-air heating systems can also have different designs. The design can have several heat exchangers and other features that make it efficient. There are also options for the boiler or water heater that is used with your system. The following information will help you choose all these features for the needs of your home.

Choosing the Water Heater or Boiler — The first thing to consider when installing the hydro-air heating system is the type of water heater or boiler you need. The first option to consider is a conventional natural gas water heater, which can be an efficient and affordable solution if your home already has a gas installation. Today, there are also options like solar power or a biomass boiler that can be used for an efficient hydro-air heating design.

Evaluating Existing Ductwork and Equipment — The existing ductwork is also important, and there are several things that you want to consider. First, you may need to have a few minor changes made to the ductwork. This can include installing a new air handler and plenums that will house the heat exchanger elements. There may also be additional repairs and improvements that need to be done. These improvements can include upgrading insulation or shortening long runs of ductwork. If there is a lot of damage to ductwork, you may want to consider completely replacing it to ensure you do not have problems with the new system.

Installing the Heat Exchanger Elements — The design of a hydro-air heating system uses heat exchangers inside ductwork plenums to provide heat to different areas of your home. Most designs have a main heat exchanger that is installed with the air handler, but there are also options for secondary units. Installing a secondary heat exchanger can provide more efficient heating. It can also be used to add to your system for future expansions and an affordable heating solution.

Installing the Blower Fans and Thermostat Controls — Lastly, you want to consider the blower fan that you have installed with your system. Today, these can be variable-speed models that adjust the energy that is used according to the heating needs of your home. There are also options for modern zoned thermostat controls, which can add to the energy efficiency of a hydro-air heating system design.

These are some of the different options for water heaters and other features to consider for the installation of a hydro-air heating system. Contact a heating service for help with the installation of a water heater and other components to add a hydro-air heating system to your home. To learn more, reach out to a water heating system service in your area.