Air Conditioner Problems to Start Repairing Before Cranking Up Your AC

If you have trouble with your AC this spring, it is time to get it fixed. Issues with air conditioners are often due to cold weather and damage that has not been repaired since the previous summer. Therefore, there is a lot of work to do to prepare your AC for the winter weather. The following AC repair information will help you deal with these problems before using your system:

Electrical Issues That Can Affect Your AC

The first issue that you may need to deal with is an AC electrical problem. These can be problems with household wiring or damaged AC components. Common AC electrical problems that may need to be fixed include:

  • Blown fuses and tripped breakers
  • Bad HVAC capacitors
  • Damaged electrical circuits

The electrical problems are often minor if you catch them in time. Sometimes, thunderstorms will cause these problems. Thus, you may want to troubleshoot these electrical issues when you have problems with your AC after a storm.

Condensing Units and AC Compressor Problems

The condensing unit is another area where AC problems are common before starting your cooling. Problems with AC condensing units that may need to be repaired include:

  • Storm damage to the case and condensing unit parts
  • Issues with pest damage and mildew
  • Problems with the condensing unit fan
  • Damage to the compressor or coils

The condensing unit is where you may have a lot of problems during warm weather. Therefore, you want to inspect it for these problems and have them repaired before you start using your system.

Air Filters and Dirty AC Components That Cause Problems

The airflow of your AC may also need some attention when doing spring repairs. This can be changing the filter or dealing with other problems. Some issues that can affect the airflow of your HVAC system include:

  • Problems with the air filter and maintenance access panel
  • Issues with leaking ductwork that cause leaks
  • Problems with closed or damaged HVAC vents

The air filter should be changed when you do spring maintenance, and there may be some of these minor issues that also need to be repaired.

Issues With the HVAC Blower Fans Causing Airflow Problems

There are also blower fan issues that you may have to deal with this spring. These issues can be due to motors freezing or issues with damaged blower fan blades. Problems with your HVAC blower that may need to be repaired include:

  • Blower motor failure
  • Worn bushings and motor bearings
  • Damage turbine blades or debris blocking the fan

The blower fan issues can cause reduced airflow and your AC to use more energy to keep you cool. Therefore, you want to deal with these issues before they cause serious problems.  

The issues with your AC are going to be easier to deal with in spring, rather than waiting until you turn your system on. Therefore, you are going to want to contact an AC repair service to get started with the repairs now.