How To Know When To Get An AC Replacement

An air conditioning system that repeatedly needs repairs is likely showing signs that it needs to get replaced. An AC replacement should not be a surprise. At some point, HVAC systems need to get upgraded. They can last for many years but not indefinitely. Most AC systems do not abruptly stop working and require an immediate replacement. This is why it is important to pay attention to the signs that a replacement might be necessary for the near future. The following points highlight a few things that you should keep in mind when pondering over whether to get your AC replaced.

Cost of Repairs

HVAC repair costs can add up quickly. It is wise to look at the cost of all recent repairs especially if they have occurred in close proximity to each other. Homeowners should also take time to consider significant AC repair costs and compare them to the cost of a new system. It might be better to make the investment into an AC replacement when repair costs are considered.

Age and Outdated Refrigerant Requirements

Some older AC systems require the use of R-22 Freon. This refrigerant has been phased out and is no longer produced in the US. Households that have units installed that require this refrigerant likely have old AC systems and could benefit from getting an AC replacement due to the age of their systems. Homeowners who have AC systems with this refrigerant requirement need to start considering an AC replacement in advance. This is because if their systems require a repair that is refrigerant-related, the repair cannot be completed. This also applies to refilling AC's that have run low or out of R-22 Freon.

Noticeable Change in Cost of Operation

Most households can expect their energy bills to be within a certain range each month. Subtle fluctuations may occur if there are significant outdoor temperature changes in a given month. This can cause energy bills to be higher for that month. However, if the energy usage in a household does not significantly change and the energy provider does not change rates, a higher bill could be a sign of an efficiency issue. The system might also be malfunctioning and in need of emergency repairs.

The thought of need an air conditioning replacement might be dreadful for some homeowners. However, it is important to keep in mind the benefits that come along with a new system. The new system will be covered by warranty, less likely to have repair issues, and likely to be more energy efficient than the old one. There might also be perks that come with the new investment such as warranties or tax incentives. If premature failure occurs due to lack of maintenance, homeowners can learn a valuable lesson from their mistakes. An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to understand the importance of AC maintenance. Contact an HVAc company for more information about air conditioning replacement