Emergency Heating Repair: How To Know If You Have An Emergency

If you have an HVAC contractor in your area that does emergency heating repair, it's wise to know when you should utilize this service. In some cases, simply having a problem with your heating system is not enough to constitute emergency heating repair, but there are other occasions where this is exactly what the situation is.

Do you have a heating emergency? The best thing to do if you have concerns is to call your HVAC specialist, or the HVAC company located on the heating system itself if you don't currently have a specialist. Here is a guide to help you navigate what makes a heating emergency and what doesn't.

You have children or the elderly in your home

If it's very cold in the home and you have children or elderly people living with you, this makes your heating situation an emergency. People who can become seriously ill or be at risk of injury due to lack of heat create a more urgent situation when it comes to emergency heating repair. When calling a heating specialist, make companies aware of who is in your home you're concerned about — including family members who have underlying health conditions — so you can get your heating repaired as soon as possible.

You have a gas furnace that's not working

A gas furnace that isn't working can be a serious emergency because it can be a sign of leaking gas. Even if you don't smell gas coming from your unit or your carbon monoxide detectors haven't gone off, let your heating specialist know you need emergency heating repair for your gas furnace, and don't try to repair the unit yourself. This includes using the heating system if it works sporadically.

You smell smoke or see fire

If you smell smoke or see a fire in your heating system, vacate your home immediately, and call emergency services. Ensure everyone is safe and that the fire is contained, and have emergency heating repair or replacement done on the unit. If your heating system is running hot or smells hot, discontinue use, and call for emergency heating repair rather than wait the situation out.

It's never wise to try to repair your heating system on your own, even if you don't have a heating emergency. Your heating specialist will come to your home, make repairs as needed, and address your situation promptly if you have a serious heating emergency.