AC Services: Air Conditioner Noises That May Cause Concern

Air conditioning units produce certain sounds during their usual operations. On the other hand, unfamiliar noises may signify an underlying mechanical problem. It can be a broken or dysfunctional component. Unfortunately, many homeowners turn a deaf ear to such noises, hoping they will fade off with time. But on the flip side, the situation may only worsen if you ignore it. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to call an HVAC service when you hear any strange noises from your cooling unit. They can inspect the system and get to the root cause of the noise. Typically, different noises can point toward different problems. Read below to find out about AC noises that call for the attention of a professional AC repair services technician. 

Whistling Sounds

If you hear a persistent whistling noise coming from your air conditioning unit, it may indicate a refrigerant leak. This leak could be in the internal valve or the refrigerant lines. If the issue is not fixed, the sound can intensify. Over time the pressurized gas might enter the air circulation, which is dangerous to the health of your household members. It is prudent to turn off the system if you detect a refrigerant leak and contact a professional to resolve the issue.

Buzzing Sounds

Various factors can contribute to buzzing noises. For instance, a dirty air filter often produces a buzzing sound. Therefore, the best remedy in this situation is to replace the filthy filter. In addition, buzzing can result from a refrigerant leak that causes the condenser coils to freeze. It is paramount to seek professional help immediately you detect such noise to avoid further damage to the affected components. 

Humming Noises

If ignored, humming noises can result in damage requiring extensive repairs. Sometimes, if the air conditioner has parts that need to be tightened or an issue with the refrigerant pipes, you may notice vibrations from the unit. Additionally, loose wiring or a faulty motor can contribute to the humming sound.

Screaming Noises

A screaming noise from the cooling unit is a cause for concern. In most cases, this noise indicates high pressure from the compressor, or leaking refrigerant, which can be detrimental to your health and well-being. The air conditioner may turn itself off to ward off hazards in some cases. Nonetheless, the unit needs the urgent attention of a professional AC repair expert. 

If you hear weird noises coming from your residential air conditioning unit, it is important to seek the expert evaluation of a cooling professional. Depending on what they find during their diagnosis, they will make a recommendation and perform necessary repairs.