3 Factors That You Should Consider When Installing Your Split AC

The split air conditioner system is one of the most popular with homeowners. If you choose the right unit from the supplier and install it correctly, you can expect many years of service. On the other hand, if you do not handle the installation, you might have inefficient cooling for many years. Consider these three guidelines as a blueprint to guide you when installing the split air conditioning system on your premises. 

Assess the Strength of the Wall

Your home's wall supports part of the air conditioning unit. Therefore, you should ensure you assess your building and determine the ideal one to position it. When checking the wall, make sure that it is strong enough to hold the air conditioner for its lifespan. A weak one will slowly disintegrate when the weight of the air conditioning system gets added to it. Consult an AC installation contractor to assess your wall if you are not sure about the condition of the wall and how much weight it can carry. They can recommend how much spacing to put between the wall and the unit. 

Consider the Positioning of the Indoor Unit

Professionals also recommend that you check the tilt angle of the indoor unit before installing the air conditioner. The part of the system found inside the house should have an unlimited flow of air. The flow might not happen, especially when you place the unit directly next to the wall. An installation professional will know how to tilt the brackets that hold the system and enable it to bear the weight. They can also tell how to allow the free movement of air with the positioning. 

Think About the Distance Between the Indoor and Outdoor Units

It is also crucial to check the distance between the indoor and outdoor parts of the split air conditioner. It matters because it determines how much heat the refrigerant will lose when moving from the evaporator coils inside the house to the condenser outside. If the distance is longer or shorter than what pros recommend, your unit will not cool efficiently. The installation professional will recommend the perfect spacing for you to place between the indoor and outdoor parts of the system. 

These are simple guidelines you should follow when installing an air conditioning system. Talk to an AC installation professional before buying the unit. They will come to your home and assess it beforehand, and will also recommend the best AC. They can install it for you or provide tips for installing it yourself.