Proper Ways To Solve Uneven AC Cooling In Your Home

The purpose of having an AC unit in your home is to provide an appropriate temperature for a habitable living space during the hot season. So, if your unit delivers uneven cooling, it negates its original purpose. Note that it is best not to ignore this issue, as it can eventually lead to a unit that doesn't cool at all. So, call a residential AC repair expert to diagnose your unit and solve the problem to restore even cooling. Check out some possible ways an expert will remedy the problem.  

Adjust the Fan From Auto to On

The best way to maintain fresh circulating air is to always have your fan on. This way, you will have access to fresh air circulation even if the AC is off. To enable this option, you can adjust your AC from the "Auto" option to the "On" option. In essence, the "Auto" option is designed to sense the conditions in your home and run the fun appropriately. Thus, it will only run if it senses that your home needs a cool environment. 

Make Use of the Air Vents 

One possible reason that could lead to uneven air distribution in your living space is blocked vents. In this case, you need to check the vents and remove any dirt components and any other blockages that could hinder even air distribution. If you have a multi-story home, you can evenly distribute fresh air on one level by closing some vents while leaving out the others. Alternatively, move all your furniture away from the vents to allow adequate air circulation.

Check Your Ductwork 

Ensuring your ducts are clean and functioning well is one of the best ways to ensure even cooling in the living space. This is because ducts transport the cool air into your living space. As such, you must ensure that air is not leaking before it reaches your indoor space. This way, you can control the temperature inside your home perfectly. So, call in an AC repair expert to patch the leaks in your ductwork to ensure cool air does not escape into unconditioned spaces. 

Creating a Zoning System for Different Areas 

The strategy is relatively expensive but can be highly efficient in managing uneven cooling. Ultimately, it enables you to accurately control the temperature of each room or floor of your living space independently. Besides the unique ability to control the temperature in different rooms and floors, it offers a permanent and lasting solution to the problem. 

If you are dealing with uneven cooling in your home, it is always best to reach out to a residential air conditioning servicing expert. They will conduct an assessment and determine additional challenges contributing to uneven cooling in your living space. Chances are, they may need to check other areas of the cooling system to give your AC unit the best chance to cool evenly.

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